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      Welcome to Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
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      Sales line: 0755-29622909
      Contact: Wang Qingde 13670088005  

      Zhou Jin 13510273074

      Email: xieming@dakemotor.com
      Address: No. 325, Shangshijia Road, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

      1.Torque unit conversion table  

      unit gf.cm kgf.cm N.m mN.m N.cm lb.in oz.in
      gf.cm 1 0.001 0.000098 0.098 0.0098 0.000868 0.013889
      kgf.cm 1000 1 0.098 98 9.8 0.868 13.889
      N.m 10200 10.2 1 1000 100 8.85 141.64
      mN.m 10.2 0.0102 0.001 1 0.1 0.00885 0.142
      N.cm 102 0.102 0.01 10 1 0.0885 1.42
      lb.in 1152 1.152 0.113 113 11.3 1 16
      oz.in 72 0.072 0.00706 7.06 0.706 0.0625 1

      2.Precautions for use of gear motor  

      Precautions for use of gear motor  
      Output shaft rotation Do not swing the gear motor in the direction of the output shaft in order to adjust the position when installing the parts.  
      ※The gear head will become a speed increasing mechanism, which will cause internal damage such as gear, and make the motor become a generator.    
      Installation location The standard installation position is the same horizontal position as the quality inspection.   
      ※Please note that. When used in other directions, it may cause leakage of lubricating oil and load change of gear motor, so as to change the characteristics of horizontal direction.  
      Processing The output shaft can be processed in various ways.   
      ※During processing, the load, impact and cutting powder during processing may cause damage to the products.    
      Screw Please confirm the form and length indicated on the appearance drawing before installing the screws.    
      ※When installing the gear motor, if the screws are too long and the fixing studs are too large, the internal mechanism parts will be deformed and damaged, and the deformation of the screws themselves will lead to accidents. In addition, when the fixed stud is too weak, it may also be the cause of instability or falling off. Please pay attention to the use.   
      Output shaft installation Use adhesive carefully.    
      ※Be careful not to let the adhesive flow into the shaft through the output shaft. In particular, silicone adhesive and other volatile adhesives may cause adverse effects inside the motor, please avoid using. In addition, please avoid over pressurization to prevent deformation and damage of internal mechanism.   
      Treatment of motor terminals Welding operation shall be carried out in a short time. (recommended: the temperature of the welding joint is 340-400 degrees, which shall be implemented within 2 seconds)   
      ※Overheated terminals will cause dissolution of motor parts and bad internal structure. In addition, imposing pressure on the terminal will increase the internal burden of the motor and cause internal damage of the motor.  
      Lubricating oil Apply to the sliding part of the gear.   
      ※Please be careful when using in special environment. According to the structural characteristics of the motor, it is possible to percolate to the outside.   
      Operating temperature range Please use it in the range of - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃. The values recorded in the catalogue are room temperature 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃.   
      ※When it is used at a temperature outside the specified range, the lubricating oil of the gear head will not work normally and the motor will not start. According to the different temperature conditions, the motor can be used outside the temperature range by changing the lubricating oil and the parts of the motor. If necessary, please contact us.  
      Storage temperature range Please keep it in the range of - 15 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃.   
      ※When stored outside the temperature range, the lubricating oil of the gear head will cause the function to fail to operate and the motor will become unable to start.   
      Relative humidity range Please use it in the range of humidity 20% - 85% RH and no condensation.   
      ※In humid environment, rust of metal parts may cause abnormal function. Please handle it carefully.   
      Safekeeping Please avoid storing in the environment with corrosive gas, toxic gas, high temperature, low temperature and high humidity. Especially for long-term preservation of more than 2 years, please take special care. 
      Service life The service life of the gear motor will vary greatly depending on the load conditions, operation modes and service environment. Please fully confirm with the actual product.   
      The following conditions are the reasons that affect the service life. Please contact us when using.以下的   
      ■Use of over rated torque load  
      ■Frequent start up   
      ■Instantaneous reversal of the positive and negative directions  
      ■Impact loading  
      ■Continuous operation for a long time   
      ■Forced rotation output shaft   
      ■Use of load exceeding the allowable load of overhanging suspension and thrust  
      ■Pulse drive of brake, reverse current, PWM brake, etc  
      ■Use voltage outside the standard rating  
      ■Beyond the temperature range, relative humidity range, or used in special environment.   
      ■For other purposes, please consult with us when using the environment, and we will select the appropriate model according to the needs.    

      3.Why choose DC motor?
      Many applications require large starting torque. DC motor has its own characteristics of speed reduction and high torque. This enables it to handle applications with large starting torque, and it is easy to absorb the sudden change of load. The speed of motor can be adjusted to adapt to the load. Moreover, DC motor is an ideal solution to obtain miniaturization. Designers often consider DC motor, because DC motor The efficiency of the machine is higher than that of other types of motors.   

      4.How to select various types of sgmada motors  
      Select the type of motor according to the requirements of output power, DC motor or gear motor according to the speed requirements, speed: 1000-5000rpm → DC motor, speed: less than 500rpm → gear motor, select gearbox according to the maximum torque and working load required.

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      Sales line:0755-29622909  
      Contacts:Wang Qingde 13670088005  

                        Zhou Jin 13510273074 

      Address: No. 325, Shangshijia Road, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen    

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